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Another Way to Save on Your Electric Bill

There is now another way to cut down on costs of electricity for your condo unit. The prices of LED light bulbs are being reduced, although it seems they are still quite expensive. However, the savings exceed those for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) due to the extremely long life and lower energy consumption of LED bulbs.

La Plata Electric Coop is offering a rebate on the purchase of LED bulbs (up to $10 per bulb). This provides a very good incentive to change to LEDs, especially for the bulbs that are in the kitchen of Eolus condos, because they are usually on for hours each day. (See the other tips message concerning energy savings for the condo).

To take advantage of the rebate offered by LPEA, click here to download the form. Note that the original receipt and all of the bulb packaging are required to be provided with the application to get the rebate.